Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Honey Vs. Agave Nectar

Ah, the great veg*n debate. I use both, interchangeably. Honey doesn't bother me as much as it does other herbivores, and I think that's mainly because I know where my honey comes from. I know the bees (they visit my backyard often), I know the man who collects their wonderfulness (he lives down the way) and I know that he loves his little stripy friends*. I don't know where my Agave nectar comes from, other than Mexico. I think it's the ingrained Locavore** mentality I grew up with that makes me more willing to use the honey from less than 10 miles away than the Agave nectar from a whole different country.
Still, Agave nectar is pretty yummy! I prefer it to honey in some teas for it's less pronounced flavor, and it kicks ass drizzled over fresh fruit. Then there's the low glycemic load. For a fat chick, it's always a plus to find a natural sweetener that fits my food plan***.
The caveat with Agave nectar is that in some applications I tend to use much more to get the same result as honey, so it kinda cancels out the benefits.

*Seriously. I watched the man cradle a dying queen bee and cry. He talked to her the whole time and thanked her for her children, and buried her in the lilac bushes.
**Upcoming blog post on this!
**Yes, by the by, I know about and use Stevia. In tea. I haven't found another way I like it, it has an icky aftertaste to me.

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